How @mpkoz used Manifold's marketplace widget to sell 362 ETH of NFT's on his own Wix site
A zero fee sales ecosystem enabling anyone to list their own work while automatically rewarding those who help creators find their next collector.

March 2022

Gate physical merch on your Shopify store or collect your own custom form data directly from collectors - all by verifying ownership of any Ethereum…
Mint up to 200 tokens in one transaction saving up to 60% in gas fees

December 2021

Starting today Manifold Studio is open to the public. Anyone can now deploy and own their own Manifold Creator contract and mint ERC-721 and ERC-1155…

October 2021

A fair share of every sale
Introducing Manifold Studio, the best way to deploy creator-owned contracts and mint your own verified NFTs

September 2021

A post-mortem by Manifold Engineer @yungwknd on his recent personal NFT project, MORE or LESS.
The largest Pak drop to date

August 2021

A behind the scenes look at how to launch a collectible
Designing ASH to be secure and extendable
An NFT that's more than a JPEG